Bugz arrive at your door packaged with perfection. Years of being an Engineer taught Founder Paul Hunter  exactly how to work with space and ensure delight when a Customer opened a box of Bugz products.  But sometimes Stores only buy one or two ranges or they are new to Bugz and have yet to hear the More colors a store has the more they will sell.  That everyone is the truth.  As I always say, keep those colors coming because the customers want more colors not less.  

Now it's really easy for you to have all the ranges and for anyone to open the box, select a row and stick them up.  Colors already packaged so that you have an array of magical color on your windows or mirrors so that your Customers will grab them up quickly with very little work on your part. 

With GALA you will receive 24 of the 28 colors in all 4 of the Ranges, Classic, Jewel, Mardi Gras and Fantasia.   There is a Two box minimum and so you will get 1 each of 24 colors in the Butterfly and 1 each in the Dragonfly in each of two boxes.  The Rows as packaged will be an array of color so that you can just select one and stick it up and you will see magic.  Your Customers will delight in the colorful vision and sales will go up up up.    48 per box 96 Total .  Two box minimum   PRICE IS FOR TWO BOX MINIMUM   ORDERS MUST BE PLACED VIA EMAIL OR VIA PHONE