What Our Customers Are Saying!




"Thank you for giving us such a beautiful product." Land Between The Lakes

"Just wanted to send you some pictures of my store featuring Bugz... they add such beauty all around. Thank you for providing such a beautiful product for such a wonderful cause. I'm proud to carry them in my store." Michelle, Omiyage

"The dragonflies were selling right out of the box. I couldn't even get them up on the windows." Helen Sage Loft Fifty5

"I just cannot dream of ever being without the Bugz in the store. You can't believe how cute they are. I have them all over a glass pane inside the store and everybody that comes in looks there first... Then they pick out one or two or six or ten and bring them up to the register and I wrap them up." A Proper Garden, Wilmington N.C


"The Butterflies just arrived and are so beautiful!  I love the perfection and detail of each one and can't wait to share them in our Nellie's Notes Care Packages.  I appreciate your helpfulness in ordering these and enjoyed our visit via phone!  Thanks so much.   Becky Lear, Nellie's Notes 

"We just LOVE the Bugz! Everyone that comes in the store goes over to the Bugz and they are one of our best selling lines! Customers love the bright colors and the idea that these are made by the Zulu."
Lewis Gintner Botanical Gardens, Va.

"Sold out! All gone in less than 3 months! These Bugz are great! I should have reordered weeks ago!"
Payning by Caryn

"Our first order is selling really well! I need more Bugz right away." (this customer placed a first order January 2008 and has been reordering every 8 or 9 weeks since then). Island Visions, Fla.

"Everyone loves the Bugz products! We just can't keep them in the store." Elizabeth Rice Inc. Sarasota, Fl.

"We order $200.00 - $300.00 per month and retail them for $7.00 each and still can't keep them in! We display them on the outside edge of our jewelry mirrors mixing suckers and the wobblers and instantly sell! I highly recommend Bugz for any shop...they are a perfect price point and customers of all ages LOVE them!
Artisan Center, Denver, Colorado

"We just love your stuff! We have them all over our homes. All of our customers love them and are so impressed with the idea that they are Handcrafted. They are thrilled and so are we. That is such a big selling point."
Recovering Hearts Bookstore, Provincetown, Ma.

"Our customers just love them. They are beautiful, colorful and they love to put them on glass doors. Customers just love the fact that they are handmade by the Zulu and that Bugz is doing such a great job creating sustainable employment for the African people."
Suncatchers Dream, Sanibel Island, Fla.

"Bugz products are the perfect fit for our gifts of nature store. Customers from all over the world have especially enjoyed purchasing our Bugz butterflies and dragonflies. They are by far our best impulseproduct. We keep a variety of colors right next to our cash register."
Blue Dragonfly, Leavenworth, Washington

"The other day a woman came in and bought $200.00 worth of Bugz to decorate her son's hospital room."
The Green Moth, Fl.

"We have carried Bugz Workshop butterfly and dragonfly wobblers and suckers for years! We never have a day go by where we don't sell Bugz. They are a consistent best seller for us and literally "fly" out the door! Our customers buy more than one at a time..."
Twigs, Falmouth, Ma.


"We love the Bugz. I had a customer buy over $200.00 because she couldn't decide which color she wanted."
Uniform and Logo Shops, Illinois


“The dragonfly represents change, transformation, adaptability and joy.  Especially being part of a senior community, my friend and I have loved gifting these beautiful creatures to friends who have suffered the loss of a loved one.  We suggest they display it in a special place where they can reflect on their loved one’s spirit with joy and gratitude.  Also, sharing the remarkable story of how these Bugz came to be adds a very heartwarming and even greater special meaning.  They are so very special!” 

Susan, Hermosa Beach, CA

"I just cannot thank you enough for your quick response in helping me out and then supplying me with the most gorgeous butterflies. The client was over the moon when she saw these little gems. They had so much fun with them, they pinned them everywhere - thanks for the suggestion. I cannot wait for another interesting project where we can work together."

Anneline Schoon, Floral Design - By Word Of Mouth

Members ISES - International Special Events Association - Named Best Caterer in Johannesberg 1999 - 2008


Georgene, thanks for your email. I was away for a few days and was thrilled to find my bugz awaiting me on my return this evening. Congratulations on the presentation, it is most attractive.

For you information, I purchased them in memory of a very close and dear friend who died in Ireland when I was in South Africa last November. I had given her a present of two from a previous visit and she loved them as much as I did. So I will be passing these on to her family and other friends as a bright and beautiful reminder of a wonderful person.

Many thanks,


Hi Georgene,

I did receive the shipment on Tuesday. We're closed on Mondays, so that's why they weren't able to deliver. I was selling them right out of the box!! Thanks for following up, I appreciate it very much!

Have a great weekend,


My incredible brother who lives in the Isle of Wight, for his selfless efforts in supplying the original concept, technical knowledge and tooling. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Author, Wildlife photographer, wife and soulmate for her tenacity, brilliance, sheer hard work and determination in believing in dreams.


Lastly but most importantly to all the people that joyfully produce such incredibly intricate work.The guys on the workshop floor, we all salute you.


For their amazing work on the African continent and bringing our project into the spotlight for all to see.