Gift Ideas

                                  DRAGONFLY WEDDING                                                                

The DIVAS were out in full force for this amazing Lime Green accented Wedding! Bugz Dragonflies were seen flitting from beautiful table to beautiful table in this gorgeous setting of lime and white accented with our Divas!
What a success this was!


 Corporate Branding available for our Bugz Products. Custom labeling as well as Corporate Colors. Please contact: or for details.

                                      GREAT GIFT IDEAS


1. Add some ambiance to a room by attaching them on candles.

2. Decorate Vases, Wine bottles, Bouquets and Table settings.

3. Freshen up your bathroom by adding these Gorgeous Creatures to ferns and soap.

4. Sweeten up boxes of chocolate.

 5. Use the décor clip and add to a beautifully wrapped Gift box or simply attach one to a Greeting Card for any occasion to make it extra special.

6. Put the Bugz décor clip onto a Wine glass and attach a place card onto it for special dinner parties or weddings.

7. Clip the décor Butterfly or Dragonfly onto plants in the garden or to add to a floral arrangement

8. Stick the suckers up onto the children's windows.

9. Nothing brightens a hospital room more than our Butterflies and Dragonflies. Smiles are everywhere.

10. At your next garden party attach the décor clips to plants and flowers in the garden.

11. Add elegance to any Wedding with our beautiful Wedding Bugz. Clip them onto foliage, table linens, the floral arrangements or cake arrangement. Your guests will delight in them and will end up wearing them home.

12. For sheer safety to prevent children and adults from walking through plate glass doors, put up the Bugz to protect and delight.