Amazing Creations


       Bugz, A Humanitarian Project 

Our Mission is to create long term, sustainable employment that provides financial security, well-being and hope to the people in Africa and our newest workshop in Mexico, by hand-crafting beautiful, colorful, delightfully happy products including butterflies and dragonflies to bring joy to others.

For centuries artists have tried to capture the beauty of the insect and floral kingdom. Bugz have successfully created a new breed of meticulously handcrafted creatures which have been flying off shelves worldwide.

These amazing creations which include butterflies, dragonflies and bees are handcrafted by members of the Bugz team and serve more than just the beautification of homes and gardens. These creatures are the cause for the celebration of life as they are responsible for the creation of jobs and income for hundreds of African tribes people and their families as well as our single moms in our new workshop in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Work is nearly impossible to find in this part of the country and we have been able to make a huge difference in the lives of these single mothers and their families. Another emerging economy has been touched by Bugz

Bugz is a Humanitarian company providing sustainable employment to the proud people of Africa and Mexico. We are thrilled to announce the opening of a workshop in Cuernavaca Mexico.
This emerging economy has privileged us with single moms as our team. This is a first for us and we are so happy to be able to provide work for this economy and these wonderful people.
As always Founder Paul Hunter Handcrafts the Bugz for the USA Market in Connecticut. As a Retailer you can proudly say Bugz Made In America for the USA Marketplace.

We supply the window Bugz Worldwide on a Wholesale and Retail basis. 

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