Retire your awareness ribbon in place of the Awareness Bugz!

The butterfly, symbol of renewal, regeneration, hope, joy and love is now available in a very unique and special way.

HIV AWARENESS: A magnificent red butterfly décor clip for your lapel or special event comes bearing a high gloss tag that says in silver “HIV…not just another bug!”

BREAST CANCER: A beautiful pink butterfly décor clip for lapel or special event with a high gloss tag saying “On Wings of Hope… beating Breast Cancer”

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: A fantastic purple butterfly décor clip worn on your lapel or for any special event with a high gloss tag saying, “Stop Abuse…beating wings, not women.”

OUR TROOPS SAFETY: A brilliant yellow butterfly décor clip worn in a show of solidarity on your lapel or for an event with its glossy tag reading, “America supports you…come home safely”

PROTECT OUR POLLINATORS:  A quartet of yellow, pink, violet, blue Butterflies to show support for the protection of our pollinators reading:  "Protect Our Pollinators"